ACMA Training

ACMA (Australian Centre for Mission Aviation) is situated at Coldstream airport, 96 Killara Road, Coldstream. It is located approximately 1 hour, 10 minutes east of Melbourne city. All flight and Bible/Mission classes are taught at ACMA. The ACMA facilities consist of one large hangar, classrooms, briefing rooms, staff offices, amenities room and toilet facilities. The hangar is equipped with aircraft and aircraft components. Equipment utilised in flight training includes two flight training aircraft, one of which is equipped to IFR standards, and a flight simulator.
ACMA delivers this flight training course on behalf of the Melbourne School of Theology (RTO#3638): CERTIFICATE IV IN AVIATION (Commercial Pilot Aeroplane Licence - AVI40108) > Flexible training options are available: - Full time - Part time - Saturdays and holiday intensive programs. > The FULL TIME course is delivered over a 12 month period. > On completion, students have attained: - 200 hours of aeronautical experience. - Commercial Pilot Licence - Single Engine Instrument Rating

2015 Fees

Nationally Accredited Training Bible/Mission Training Certificate IV in Christian Ministry & Theology (10433NAT*) $440/unit of competency (9 competencies)
Non Accredited Training Certificate in Mission Aviation$45/seminar ( maximum 10 Seminars)
Nationally Accredited Training Certificate IV in Aviation (Commercial Pilot Aeroplane Licence) Semester 1 Admin Fees* $ 5,500(please see Note 1. below) Less scholarship -$ 4,200 Total $1,300
Semester 2 Admin Fees $ 5,500(please see Note 1. below) Less scholarship -$4,200 Total $1,300

Aircraft Hire

RPL/PPL training $270/hour$160/hour
Post PPL Solo Semester 1 N/A$160/hour
NVFR training$290/hour Total $1,300 $180/hour
IFR & CPL training$360/hour$270/hour
Redbird SIM$105/hour$15/hour