EM240 Cross-cultural Field Education

Take a short-term missions trip and prepare yourself for long-term service.

You will work under the guidance of an experienced missionary and get to know people of the culture visited while contributing to the ministry among them. Not only will you have fun working within a different community, you will also learn valuable lessons from the experience!

Subject CodeEM240 - Diploma
Study ModeOff Campus
Next AvailableAll year round

Youth Ministry in Indonesia


This is an internship opportunity designed to enable you to understand some of the issues involved in cross-cultural ministry and the nature and value of specific preparation for such ministry.

You will be exposed to the ways cross-cultural ministry is conducted and modelled and gives students the opportunity to develop a level of sensitivity to the inter-relationships between human life, the Christian gospel, Christian ministries and culture. You will be able to evaluate your own life and the adjustments that need to be confronted in order to live and minister effectively in another culture.

    Time Commitment

    The time you will need to allow for Field Education will be determined by your supervisor and Field Partner.


      Assessments will be determined by your supervisor and Field Partner.

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