MSM313/513 Training for Transformational Development

This subject discusses current theories of learning, training and mentoring relevant to adult education in intercultural contexts. It explores how these theories could be applied in language development projects in minority language contexts.

This subject also discusses and models how to work on a language development project team to design a strategic plan for a particular community.

Subject CodeMSM313 - Undergraduate
MSM513 - Graduate
Study ModeIntensive
Next Available18-22 July, 2016 and 3-11 November, 2016

WHY study an intensive?

Intensives are a great way to add units to your studies as they are taught over a short time frame rather than over a semester. This means that the course work is compressed into a week or two, with the same lecturers and types of assessments as other subjects.

This may be of benefit to students who find themselves forgetting lessons from week to week, or for students who have limited time during semester due to work and family.

Anyone can study an Intensive as long as they meet enrolment and any pre-requisites required.

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    WHO is SILA?

    The Summer Institute of Linguistics Australia (SILA) trains intercultural workers in the areas of language learning, linguistics, translation, literacy and other language related roles.

    SILA is affiliated with SIL International, an organisation that specialises in working with languages spoken by the world’s lesser known people groups living in over 50 countries. Many of our graduates are involved in language development work with both government and non-government organisations, in literacy, translation, and language documentation, and in educational and linguistic research projects around the world.

    SILA is committed to providing flexible, accredited courses while at the same time encouraging spiritual resilience so as to establish strong foundations for service in a variety of local or international contexts.

    Click here to browse the SILA website for more information. Alternatively, you can contact SILA via:
    • Email -
    • Phone - 03 9712 2601

      Time Commitment

      This subject will require a time commitment of roughly 10-12 hours per week in total.

      You will also require Internet access to access both the resources on our eCampus and the SILA website resources.


        Assessments will be advised first week of class.

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