PC243/244/245 Field Education

Learn valuable skills and principles for ministry through a practical internship in a church or para-church organisation.

You will be mentored and supervised during the experience and have the opportunity of observing and participating in all aspects of ministry.

Subject CodePC243 - Diploma
PC244 - Diploma
PC245 - Diploma
Study ModeOff Campus
Next AvailableAll year round

Peter Tyrrell - Field Education Supervisor


This is an internship opportunity designed to enable the student to begin to develop a theology of ministry and to reflect on theological and biblical issues in ministry, integrating subject work studies with actual ministry in different situations.

It exposes the student to the ways ministry is conducted and modelled and gives students the opportunity to experience various ministerial tasks under supervision.

Field Education can be done in various specialty areas such as:
• Evangelism
• Congregational ministry
• Pastoral care
• Practical ministry
• Lay ministry
• Youth ministry or
Cross-cultural Field Education

    Time Commitment

    The time you will need to allow for Field Education will be determined by your supervisor and Field Partner.

    Generally, it can be taken over one semester or spread over four.


      Assessments will be determined by your supervisor and Field Partner.

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