TH402/602 The Doctrine of God & Work of Christ

Humans have been pondering the nature of God since the dawn of time. But Christians know that the definitive representation of God has been revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. In this course, you will explore the attributes of God and our understanding of God as Trinity, particularly the nature and activity of the Holy Spirit, before delving more deeply into the person and work of Christ, his human and divine natures and what he did for us in the atonement.


By doing this course you will develop a deeper appreciation for the methods of theology and the central tenets of the Christian faith.


    Assessment will consist of two essays.

      Required Text Books

      Please choose one of the following:
      Erickson, Millard, Christian Theology (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1996).
      Horton, Michael, The Christian Faith (Grand Rapids, Zondervan, 2011).
      McGrath, Alistair, A Christian Theology (3rd edn; Oxford: Blackwell, 2001).

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          Dr Michael Bräutigam