‘Doing God’ at Work: A Professional Ethos for Christian Individuals and Institutions


The famous quote from former British PM and openly Christian Tony Blair’s Press Secretary ‘We don’t do God’ captures some of the tensions for Christian individuals and institutions in a simultaneously increasingly secular and post-secular society. This paper explores some of these tensions between individual vocation and profession with corporate institutional mission and values in a more ‘liquid’ and fluid environment and economy. It suggests ways forward in light of a biblical narratival, Trinitarian, vocational and character based ethics. It will illustrate the tensions and the potential for cooperation using Australian and overseas case-studies.


Rev. Dr. Gordon Preece
Priest-in-Charge, Yarraville Anglican Parish
Director, Ethos: EA Centre for Christianity & Society
Director, Uni. of Divinity Centre for Research in Religion & Social Policy (RASP)

Gordon grew up in a small business family and was a minister at several Anglican churches in Sydney. He is now Director of Ethos Centre for Christianity and Society (www.ethos.org.au), senior minister at Yarraville Anglican Parish, and Director of the University of Divinity Centre for Research in Religion and Social Policy. Gordon’s doctorate and specialty is in the theology and ethics of work in which he is a leader and board member of two international bodies. He is an award-winning author/editor of 13 books and of Zadok Perspectives, Equip, and Engage ethical email. He is married to Susan, a mental health educator, and has three married children and two grandchildren. He is a football tragic, still playing, and supporting Spurs, and also the Cats.