Ethics and Public Theology


Being Christian in pluralist and secular Australia – loving and serving and promoting freedom of conscience, religion (and no religion) for all.

The pluralist and secular nature of Australian society is growing along with currents of secularist hostility towards religion. Liberalism is fraying partly because of the failure to name and argue for the Goods which are necessary to support a growing list of Rights. “Equality” and “tolerance” can be used as tools to overbear other freedoms. How should Christians engage with the Australian culture(s) in which they live?


Mark Sneddon
Executive Director Institute for Civil Society

Mark Sneddon is the Executive Director of the Institute for Civil Society. He is a lawyer with a longstanding interest in promoting the freedoms of expression, conscience, association, and religion in our society, as well as seeking to encourage a civil discussion and debate on these liberties and their relation to public policy. Mark was formerly Associate Professor of Law at the University of Melbourne Law School, and a senior lecturer at Monash University Law School in constitutional law, banking and financial services, e-business, and communications law. He has also taught at Osgoode Hall Law School, Canada, and Loyola Law School in the United States. Mark was a partner at Clayton Utz in Melbourne for nearly 12 years until 2011, working primarily in commercial and finance law, e-business and government services. In June 2016 he completed four and half years as Crown Counsel (Advisings) to the Victorian Attorney-General and Office of the Premier providing legal and legal policy advice and services across a wide range of subject matter including constitutional and human rights law. In addition to his role at ICS, Mark is currently a partner in a Melbourne commercial law firm.