Ethics in the Old Testament Wisdom Books


The relevance of our Old Testament wisdom writings has survived the passing centuries rather well. Proverbs texts are among those that Christian readers today find most approachable. Yet the wisdom of a book like Proverbs seems very broad compared to the redemptive story of Israel and the church of Christ. Not only is there little direct connection to the gospel of Christ, but many times Old Testament wisdom sayings do not even seem very theological. They can read more like good common-sense advice. How should the Christian reader interpret the teachings of the Old Testament wisdom books concerning right and wrong conduct in God’s world?


Dr. Andrew Brown
Old Testament Lecturer
Melbourne School of Theology

Andrew lectures in Old Testament and Hebrew at MST. Andrew grew up on the eastern Australian coast before spending over three years completing undergraduate degree studies in both New York State and Tennessee, USA. Following a short stint of Bible college teaching and administrative work, he completed more formal theological college studies. After Andrew married, he joined a pastoral team at a Baptist church and began research studies at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. Soon after arrival at MST, Andrew completed his PhD, a history of Christian interpretation of the creation week in Genesis 1:1-2:3. Andrew is married to Naomi and they have three children, Gilchrist, Timothy and Kyria. They live in Montrose in Melbourne’s outer east.