Former Prophets

Subject Code OT421/431 - Undergraduate
OT621/631- Graduate
TitleFormer Prophets
Study Modes On Campus, Distance
Next Available2015, Semester 2


This subject includes the study of the books Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 & 2 Samuel, and 1 & 2 Kings. These books are important for understanding the beginning of Israel’s life within the Promised Land, the Monarchy, and finally exile. The study of these books will focus on overall structure and themes that hold them together. Also the subject will include an in-depth analysis of select theological and exegetical issues associated with these books.

Prerequisites and Exclusions

Pre-requisites: OT301/501 and OT302/502 and OT303/503

Time Commitment

This subject will require a time commitment on behalf of the student. If you are studying online you will need to commit to approximately 10 hours per week. If you are studying on campus you will need to commit to 3 hours of lecture time and approximately 7 hours private study per week.


Whatever method of study you choose, you will require Internet access to access the resources on our eCampus.