Australian College of Theology

Master of Divinity

Course code:MDiv
Type:Graduate Degree
Length:Min 3 years, up to 9 years part time.
Pre-requisites:Bachelor degree in any field.


The Master of Divinity is designed to provide graduates in theology the opportunity to undertake study at a masters level by coursework, thus consolidating and enhancing their areas of specialization enabling them to proceed to new areas of professional and expertise.

Entry Requirements

Bachelor Degree in a non-theological discipline.

English Language: IELTS score of 7.0 overall with minimum 7.0 in reading and writing, along with a minimum of 6.5 in listening and speaking.

Course Structure

The Master of Divinity comprises 24 subjects in total. It can be studied from a minimum of 3 years full-time, and up to 9 years part-time.

Each MDiv Student is required to undertake a Project that is an in depth research essay of 8000 words focused in the area of the student’s major.

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to successfully negotiate the content and demands of a number of units in a specialised field of study in which theological insights are brought to bear upon the graduates’ ministry context
  • Demonstration of knowledge and competence of skills in the analysis of texts and ideas, and issues
  • Demonstration of wide reading, intellectual independence, critical thinking and analytic rigour at early postgraduate level such that the potential for research at masters level is emerging

Subject Options

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Required Subjects

Jesus and the Gospels Early New Testament ChurchNew Testament Greek A & B, or, Biblical Hebrew A & B
Old Testament FoundationsOld Testament Prophets and WritingsPrinciples of Hermeneutics
Early Church HistoryReformation in Britain & Europe
Patterns of Spiritual FormationResearch Project

Advanced Subjects (Choose 4)

Luke and Historical Jesus StudiesFourth Gospel (John)Pentateuch
General Epistles: James and PeterPauline Theology and RomansFormer Prophets
The Epistle to the HebrewsCorinthians and EphesiansIsaiah
Wisdom Literature

About this Degree

The Master of Divinity is a comprehensive theological degree that will provide you a thorough understanding and theological depth for pastoral leadership and or Bible teaching ministry. It will equip you with all the skills and knowledge you need to translate the Bible from its original language, complimented with a wide range of practical ministry electives.

What options do I have after this course?

Become a pastor, teacher or minister with responsibility for preaching, providing leadership, taking part in wider debates in the Church and engaging with wider debates with the Church.

Become a teacher of diploma-level units in your specialisation in a school or Bible college