Christian Leaders' Training College (Papua New Guinea)

CLTC – Christian Leaders Training College – PNG
The Christian Leaders’ Training College of Papua New Guinea, commonly known as CLTC, was established in 1964. CLTC is the servant of the churches of the South Pacific, inspiring men and women for Christian ministry and leadership. Each year we train about two-hundred students by providing biblical and theological instruction. The college programs are designed to help meet the needs of contemporary Melanesian churches throughout the wider Asia Pacific region, with a key emphasis on emerging leaders throughout Papua New Guinea.

Mission leader: Andrew Brown
Minimum: 6 students

Notes: Sunday to Sunday but at least one day of travel either side. Accommodation will be at CLTC. Be prepared to purchase meals and optionally take part in a sightseeing day tour. Travel to CLTC (Mt Hagen) will be your responsibility ($900-$1400). You must arrive BY SATURDAY SEPT 12TH. Depart MONDAY SEPT 21st.