Knox Community Baptist Church

Knox Community Baptist Church is the local mission location for 2015. The church is located in Boronia, in the outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and at the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges. Knox is a community of people from the very young, to honoured senior citizens. They come from a range of different cultures and backgrounds. While the church has been declining in numbers for some years, it continues to support the community and meet their needs through a wide range of activities. As a church, they take their faith seriously, with a strong emphasis on teaching and growing in God’s Word. Church members strive to honour God with their gifts of worship and service within the church and throughout their everyday lives.

During your time at KCBC, you will have opportunities to:
• Be involved with The Haven (a centre for those with Alzheimer’s/ Dementia)
• Be involved with Mainly Music and Playgroup **
• Be involved with Boys/ Girls Brigades **
• Fusion (Youth Ministry)
• Attend the prayer sessions
• Attend the leadership meeting
• Attend some home group meetings
• Help feed those in need at another local church
• Preach and share devotions.
• Work in Children’s Ministry **
• Present skits at services, play in the worship band, share your journey.

Faculty: Dr Michael Brautigam and his wife Jenni; Peter Tyrrell (this is Peter’s church)

During the week, the team will do some sight-seeing in the Dandenongs.

** Requires Working with Children Checks