Day Session

9.00amRegistration Opens
10.00-10.40amMission ChapelGuest speaker: Mike Parker - International Director of MECO
10.40-11.10amMorning Tea
11.10am-12.10pmExperience a Regular Lecture:Subject:Old Testament - "The story of Samuel, Saul & David"
Lecturer:Dr Andrew Brown
Location: Room 3, Level 1

After considering the features of any narrative about the past, including such things as characters, setting, plot and theme, we will delve into the story of Samuel, Saul and David that is told in the book of 1 Samuel. Why did the Israelites want a monarchy? What kind of a role did Samuel play? And why are so many chapters devoted to the period when David was on the run from Saul? These and other questions will be part of the morning’s discussion.
Subject:Theology - "Introduction to Christian Eschatology"
Lecturer:Dr Michael Brautigam
Location: Room 2, Level 1

We are now living in what the Bible calls the “Last Days”, and we are anticipating Jesus’ second coming, the resurrection of the dead, the final judgment and the new heaven and earth. These aspects are studied under the rubric “Eschatology” in Christian theology (which translates as the “study of the last/end things”). In this lecture we will explore the basic features of our Christian hope; we will investigate how theologians past and present have approached this fascinating subject and we look in more detail at the question of what happens when Christians pass away (glorification: “death” and “intermediate state”).
12.10-1.00pmINFORMATION SEMINAR"Are you ready for theological studies?" Dr Greg Forbes Room 1, Level 1
1.00-1.45pmOpen Day Lunch
1.45-2.00pmTour of MST Campus and Library

Night Session

6.00pmRegistration OpensJoin us for a delicious BBQ Dinner
6.30-7.00pmINFORMATION SEMINAR"Are you ready for theological studies?" Dr Greg Forbes Room 2, Level 1
7.00-8.00pmExperience a Regular Lecture:Subject:Apologetics to Islam - "Does Islam liberate women?"
Lecturer:Dr Bernie Power
Location: Room 1, Level 1

Western Muslims and others often claim that Islam liberates women and gives them freedoms they cannot enjoy under other social systems. This lecture will assess that claim, looking at evidence in the Qur’an, the life of Muhammad, Islamic theology and Muslim history. The Christian alternative, drawing on biblical teaching, will also be presented.
Subject:Theology for Everyday Life - "Social justice and the Church's role"
Lecturer:Dr Tom Kimber
Location: Room 3, Level 1
8.15-9.00pmTour of MST Campus and Library

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