MST Presents: Raised from Obscurity


“The only way to get to the realities of women among the followers of Jesus and in the earliest churches is methodological patience. We must probe the evidence from all angles—social realities, archaeological studies, exegetical examinations, and theological perspectives."

"What Forbes and Harrower offer in Raised from Obscurity is a profound literary propositional analysis in its many dimensions. This book will become a necessary beginning for all future studies of women in Luke-Acts and will challenge more than a few who are intent on suppressing the voices of women. In this book women in Luke-Acts witness to Jesus with clarity and power.”

Scot McKnight - Professor of New Testament, Northern Seminary, Lombard, IL

“In Raised from Obscurity Forbes and Harrower provide a sensitive narrative and theological reading of women in Luke-Acts. They show Luke’s mosaic of women both in the ministry of Jesus and in the early church, raising awareness and possibilities for women of faith today. This is a book that will resource scholars, pastors, and preachers from across the theological spectrum.”

Sarah Harris- NT Lecturer, Carey Baptist College, Auckland, NZ