Open your eyes to the exciting future that awaits you! At Melbourne School of Theology, we are opening our doors to welcome anyone wanting to get a taste for what life at Bible college is really like.

You have the option of participating in one, two or even three days worth of activities, including:

  • sitting in on lectures
  • attending mission presentations and Bible talks
  • meeting the student leaders
  • chatting with staff and faculty about your study options
  • taking a tour of the facilities
  • enjoying a delicious lunch and refreshments

We will be open from 9am right through to 9pm on Tuesday 2nd, 9am to 5pm on Wednesday 3rd and 9am to 9pm on Thursday 4th September. Whether you're currently serving in ministry, interested in cross-cultural work, or wanting to grow in your faith, MST has a variety of courses that can put you on the path God is leading you to. 

Classes are available in English and Mandarin and include full time, part time and intensive learning options.  MST offers a range of subjects tailored to specific streams including pastoral care and chaplaincy, leadership, Bible teaching and worship and spiritual formation.

Bring your friends and family to meet our friendly community. Come along and discover how Melbourne School of Theology can enhance your ministry skills and equip you to serve God!
Tuesday, 2nd September
9am to 1pm1&2The ReformationRichard CoombsCH324/524
6Early NT ChurchGillian AsquithNT202
10am to 1pm5Jeremiah (language: Mandarin)Dr. Justin TanOT 428CH/ OT628CH
4'Christian Missions to China: An Introduction' (language: Mandarin)Dr. Yuk LiongCH302/502CH
2pm to 5pm3PreachingMatt JacobyMC447/647
7pm to 9:45pm1&2Early NT ChurchDoug McComiskeyNT301/501
3Spiritual FormationTim MeyersPC3227
4Christian WorshipMatt JacobyPC315/515
5'Introduction of Principles of Cultural Analysis and Communication Theories in Evangelism' (language: Mandarin)Dr. Mei ChungEM425/625CH (Applied Evangelism)
Wednesday, 3rd September
9am to 12:30pm3JeremiahAndrew BrownOT428/628
10am to 1pm3Christian Ethics (language: Mandarin)Dr. Peter TiePE301/501CH
2pm to 5pm3Spiritual FormationTim MeyersPC327
7pm to 10pm3 & 4Old Testament Prophets and Writings (language: Mandarin)Dr. Justin TanOT 428CH/ OT628CH
Thursday, 4th September
9am to 1pm1&2Prophets & WritingsAndrew BrownOT302/502
3Church & SacramentsAndrew MoodyTH404/604
10am to 1pm5'Jesus Like Melchizedek' (language: Mandarin)Dr. King SheNT422/622/632CH (The Epistle to the Hebrews)
11am to 12 noon6TheologyKara ReevesTH210
7pm to 9:45pm3MohammadBernie PowerEM428/628