Outbound 1801 - Indonesia

Outbound Indonesia is part of MST’s intercultural studies program. It arose from an invitation from the Aletheia Theological Seminary in Lawang, East Java, to bring a team to their college.

This team of 6-10 students will contribute to the biblical skills of Indonesian Christians and to be a witness for Jesus with Indonesian people.

Dates: 22 June – 8 July
Team Leader: Dr Bernie Power (MST Lecturer)
Registration Closes: 31 May 2018


MORNINGS: English and Bible teaching to Christian high school students – aged 12 to 15. The English level of the students is basic, so we will provide course material which is appropriate to this Beginners level. The course material will include a lot of games and activities. It will be fun to teach!

AFTERNOONS: Outreach on university campuses in the afternoons. MST team will travel to one of the several universities in the town e.g. the State University of Malang and the Brawijaya University in Malang. You will be ccompanied by theological students from the Aletheia Theological Seminary who are experienced in this kind of outreach.

EVENINGSs: Each evening, we will have a debrief of the day’s activities, a time for devotions and prayer, and preparation for the next day’s lessons.


$1400 including airfares, other travel, food and accommodation. (Subject to changes in airfares and other travel costs)


Our team will stay in student accommodation at the Aletheia Theological Seminary in Lawang