Poland 2017

There is currently a unique opportunity for ministry in Poland. The country is in transition. Many are disillusioned by the recent strong
political activity of the traditional church. As the economy strengthens, many fill this void with materialism. This transition provides a chance to offer the Polish people lasting answers to their real needs.

Since Roman Catholicism was brought to Poland when Prince Mieszko the First was converted in the tenth century, it has become the very fabric of Polish society, life and politics. The traditional church has been the custodian of Polish language and culture throughout various foreign occupations. It holds deep national, as well as religious, significance.

Why minister in Poland, when most Poles consider themselves Christian? According to Scripture, being religious is not enough. Like the Jews of Paul’s day, many Poles ‘are zealous for God, but their zeal is not based on knowledge’ (Rom 10:2, NIV).

This MAD mission trip will take you to the heart of Europe. Three beautiful Polish cities, Krakow, Opole and Warszawa are on the itinerary. Spending time with Polish believers will give you lots of opportunities to learn from them and be an encouragement to them. Discover how God’s Word in their language has greatly impacted their lives. Take advantage of this opportunity to use your gifts in a cross-cultural setting and grow in love for the people you will meet.

Dates: Friday 15 – Friday 29 September 2017

Travel by plane Melbourne – Krakow, and by train within Poland. Return trip Warszawa-Melbourne

Accommodation will be in small hotels or hostels

Meals are all included

Preparation includes four team preparation meetings and a dinner to be held at an agreed time prior to departure

Cost $3700, with a deposit of $500 by 1 June. Option to pay by four instalments

Applications close 25 May 2017 as airfares need to be booked

Ade Rickard Mission Scholarship 2017 for MST Students

Each year a scholarship is made available to help one of our students explore God’s calling to mission. In 2017 students can apply for funding support to attend MAD Poland, a Mission Week partnership between Wycliffe and Melbourne School of Theology.

Scholarship details:
• $1500 for travel and expenses.
• Applicants are to submit a 300 – 400 word short essay, explaining their heart for mission and why they should be considered for the scholarship.
• Applications are to be submitted via email to Peter Tyrrell: ptyrrell@mst.edu.au

Closing date: 2nd May 2017.

Mission Leaders

Eva McMaster – joint team leader from Wycliffe Australia and a Polish national with 20 years of mission experience in Poland.

Peter and Cornelia Tyrrell – joint team leaders. Peter is Vice-Principal of MST (Community & Operations) and leader over many years of short-term mission trips.