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Walton, John H. and Hill, Andrew E. Old Testament Today (2nd ed.; Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2013).


Walton, John H. and Hill, Andrew E. A Survey of the Old Testament (3rd ed.; Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2009).

  • 07Aug 2017
    Paradosis Lecture 2017

    Professor Steve Walton will be the key speaker for this year’s Paradosis lecture in theology. Steve will be addressing the Book of Acts and explaining how the collective processes the early church employed in making decisions affects us as 21st Century believers.

  • 08Aug 2017
    “Quest for the Historical King David”

    Was David king over an important kingdom or was he simply leading a minor tribe? Outside of the Hebrew Bible there has been scant evidence for the historical King David and his city – not even in Jerusalem. That is, until now.

  • 04Dec 2017

    Join us to help celebrate the 2017 MST graduates! Further details about the event to follow.

  • 07Nov 2017
    Exam Week

    Stay tuned for further details about the Exam Timetable and study resources.

  • 30Oct 2017
    Study Vacation

    Use this week-long break to revise your lecture notes, prepare for upcoming exams, and finalise assessments.