Academic Matters

ID Cards
A student ID card is issued to all new students during Orientation Week. This requires the taking of a photo and a signature. The ID card is also necessary for library borrowing. Part-time students who do not come to Orientation Week enrolment will need to obtain an ID card through reception in order to be able to borrow from the library.

Study Skills Seminars
A study skills seminar relevant to the particular level of the different students will be held during Orientation Week. If this is your first time studying at MST it is strongly recommended that you attend even if you have studied elsewhere before. All colleges have particular requirements and it will save a lot of stress later if you are aware of what is involved in the various pieces of assessment.

Textbooks are an important part of the study program, and should be purchased for most subjects. An approximate cost of required textbooks in the first year would be Diploma, $400, Undergraduate $600 approx, Graduate $800 approx. Students are encouraged to buy good books during their MST years to begin building up a personal library that will help them in their future ministries.

At the commencement of each semester MST offers students the opportunity to purchase prescribed texts for MST on-campus subjects at discounted rates. The textbook sales table will be available during enrolment day and books can be purchased during the published times each day Monday to Friday and some evenings during the first and second weeks of the semester. Booklists are generally available on the website, on enrolment day or at the sales table and textbooks are sold to students at a 15% discount off RRP.

Payment can be received via cash, cheque or credit card but credit cannot be extended by MST. Please note we are not able to offer an EFTPOS facility. MST students are also able to receive a discount code, which when shown with your MST student card offers a 15%* discount on book purchases from Koorong. These codes are also available from the book sales table at the commencement of each semester. (*Please note the discount rate may vary from year to year at the discretion of the retailer.)

Access to Faculty and Staff
Students are encouraged to access faculty and staff via personal appointments, e-mail, telephone and casual interaction on campus. Faculty and staff are expected to respond to student enquiries in a timely manner, usually within 5 working days – depending on the complexity of the enquiry. If you are having a problem with a particular subject, the first place to start is in discussing things with your lecturer, and if that doesn’t help then the Dean of Studies.

Faculty mailboxes are located on the 1st floor. Essays, notes, chocolate  etc. for faculty members can be put in these boxes

Access to Student Records
The Melbourne School of Theology is not a prescribed authority or agency under the Victorian Freedom of Information Act 1982, nor under its Commonwealth of Australia equivalent. Documents in the possession of MST are therefore not obtainable under FOI procedures.

MST wishes to honour in principle the “spirit” of FOI, Public Records and Privacy legislation. MST wishes to uphold the principles of open government, honesty and ethical practices in the creation, maintenance and availability of student records, and respect for personal privacy of students.

MST therefore chooses to utilise the above mentioned legislation as guidelines for records management and for making decisions about requests for access to student records.

MST will keep all personal and academic records of students in a file placed in an appropriately secure central records facility, with the exception of assignment and examination mark sheets which are created and used by individual teaching staff in the course of the semester’s work. Documents created or handled by Student Leaders, the Dean of Studies and other faculty pertaining to student’s health and wellbeing, visas, AUSTUDY etc will be transferred to the student file when the matter has been finalised.

Students have access to their own student files on request to the Administrative Assistant, at a time convenient to the student and the staff member. They may not remove any documents from their files. Students may view their files and/or have photocopies made of any documents from their files. The fees for photocopies are the same as those charged for photocopying in the library.

Students will be provided with access to all the contents of their student file with the exception of documents provided in confidence to MST from external or internal referees or doctors. If access to such a document is requested by the student, the Administrative Assistant will approach the originator of that document to obtain permission for it to be released to the students. Access will not be granted if permission is not obtained.

If a student feels that a document in their file contains inaccurate personal or academic information, then that student may provide a separate document presenting their case, which will be included on their file unless it is defamatory or inaccurate in relation to another person or to MST.

The Principal may determine, in consultation with the student, whether documents containing inaccuracies should be removed from a student file and destroyed.

In consultation with faculty and the Dean of Studies, the Principal may order the routine destruction of student files any time from 10 years after those students’ last year of enrolment at MST. The Dean of Studies may advise the Principal on the suitability of any disposal schedule and on appropriate privacy provisions in the carrying out of the destruction of files.

Faculty and staff of MST are permitted access to student files in the course of their normal duties. No other person (except for the student) will be granted access to that student’s file.

The Principal may provide, at the request of prospective employers (mission agencies, churches or para-church organisations), a written or oral reference based on personal knowledge and on the academic and personal records pertaining to a student or graduate of MST. The Principal undertakes to provide only information and assessment of suitability that have been discussed with the student or graduate.

Using the Library
Contact us
p: 03 9881 7823

Opening Hours during semester
Monday 9am – 5pm
Tuesday 9am – 9pm
Wednesday 9am – 9pm
Thursdays 9am – 9pm
Friday 9am – 5pm
Saturday 10am – 3pm

Lending services: Most students may borrow 7 books for 2 weeks. Postgraduate students please check with the librarian for your borrowing privileges.

Renewals: Items may be renewed twice provided they have not been reserved. Books may be renewed online by logging in through the library homepage or by phone or mail. You will not be able to renew online if you have overdue items.

Reserves: You may reserve items through the catalogue (you must be logged in) but conditions apply. You will be notified by email when your reserved item comes in.

Overdue Books: Overdue items cannot be renewed online. Please return them to the library or contact library staff. You will receive a reminder email 2 days before your books are due giving you time to renew online. If a book is reserved, you will not be able to renew it and you must return it to the library as soon as possible.

Library Charges:
Printing costs: A4, 10 cents per page (B&W)
Copying costs: A4, 10 cents per page (B&W)
Scanning costs: no charge – scan to email or USB

Photocopying: Photocopying services are available for small run jobs only and for resources related to coursework. Photocopy cards and photocopy credit can be purchased from Reception.