Research at the Arthur Jeffery Centre

Supervision is provided to students writing projects and theses to complete the following awards:

Research Opportunities

Scholar in Residence

The Arthur Jeffery Centre Scholar in Residence program provides people with a specialised interest in Islam to pursue their own research or writing projects within the MST research community, for a (nominated) period of time. Scholars in residence have the opportunity to share in all the benefits of academic fellowship with the MST faculty, and the wider Arthur Jeffery Centre research team, and have full access to all the MST/Arthur Jeffery Centre research facilities. Moreover, scholars are invited to share their knowledge and expertise with MST/Arthur Jeffery Centre staff and students through guest lecturing; presenting at Postgraduate seminars; sharing in round-table discussions and publishing through MST Press.
Researchers interested in the Scholars in Residence program are invited to submit a proposal outlining the nature of the research project, the time frame involved.

Arthur Jeffery Centre Postdoctoral Projects

MST offers occasional postdoctoral positions that further the specific research interests of the Arthur Jeffery Centre. Researchers interested in applying for a postdoctoral position are invited to contact the Director of the Arthur Jeffery Centre.

Coursework and Project Degrees

  • Master of Arts (Christian Studies) in the Study of Islam and Other Faiths – comprised of undergraduate/graduate and post graduate subjects plus 12000 word thesis for persons without a prior degree
  • Master of Arts (Ministry) in the Study of Islam and Other Faiths – 6 postgraduate subjects plus 15000 word thesis

Research Degrees

  • Master of Theology – either a 50000 word thesis or two taught subjects from the postgraduate options and a thesis of up to 35000 words
  • Doctor of Ministry – post graduate subjects (number?) plus 60000 word thesis
  • Doctor of Theology – 100000 word thesis
  • Doctor of Philosophy – 100000 word thesis

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