Australian College of Theology

Bachelor of Ministry

Course code:BMin
Type:Undergraduate Degree
Length:Min 3 years, up to 9 years part time.
Pre-requisites:Year 12 with ATAR over 65. Mature age entry available.


If you feel called into ministry as a pastor, chaplain, cross-cultural missionary or local church leader, then the Bachelor of Ministry is a fantastic starting point. This Degree provides the theological framework and spiritual formation you will need in order to excel in your future service as a minister or Christian leader.

You will learn the foundations of the Bible and how to interpret the text accurately, discover the richness of Church history and how it still shapes our practice today, and gain an understanding of how to lead or operate a ministry.

Entry Requirements

Year 12 with ATAR of at least 65.
Mature age entry for students over 21 years.
International English Language Testing Service of 6.5 overall with 6.5 in each subtest for Non English Speaking Background students.

Course Structure

The Bachelor of Ministry comprises 24 subjects in total. It can be studied from a minimum of 3 years full-time, and up to 9 years part-time.

Learning Outcomes

A deep knowledge of the major theological tenets of the Christian faith.

Understanding to accurately interpret the Bible, with knowledge of its original context, major themes, theological developments and how it has shaped the history of the Church.

Skills to meet the practical requirements of Christian ministry.

The ability to lead, pioneer, or serve in a Church or mission work.

Spiritual growth as you learn the disciplines of spiritual formation and discipleship.

Subject Options

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Required Subjects

Jesus and the Gospels Early New Testament ChurchPatterns of Spiritual Formation
Old Testament FoundationsOld Testament Prophets and WritingsPrinciples of Hermeneutics
Christianity in History to 1550Christianity in History from 1550The Knowledge of God
Grace & EschatologyDoctrine of God and Work of Christ

Advanced Subjects (Choose 3)

Luke & Historical Jesus Studies Fourth Gospel (John) Pauline Theology & Romans
Corinthians & Ephesians General Epistles: James & Peter The Epistle to the Hebrews
PentateuchFormer ProphetsIsaiah
JeremiahPsalmsWisdom Literature

Ministry Stream Electives (Choose 10)

Philosophy & Ethics
• Introduction to Christian Ethics
• Philosophy Essentials for Christian Thinkers
• Christian Apologetics
• Christian Critical Thinking
Cross-Cultural Missions
• Aid & Development
• Biblical Theology of Mission
• Contemporary Theology of Mission
• Cross-cultural Field Education
• Cultural Anthropology
• Living Faiths
• Principles of Evangelism

Islamic Studies
• Christian Apologetics to Islam
• Christian Ministry in Islamic Contexts
• Cross-cultural Field Education
• Mohammad: A Christian Perspective
• The Qur’an: A Christian Perspective
• The Hadith: A Christian Perspective
• Christian Worship
• Congregational or Pastoral Care Field Education
• Foundations of Pastoral Care
• Introduction to Preaching
• Pastoral Skills & Methods
• Principles of Evangelism
• Principles of Leadership & Management
• Foundations of Pastoral Care
• Pastoral Skills & Methods
• Practical Ministry Field Education
• Living Faiths
• Chaplaincy Skills
• Patterns of Spiritual Formation
• Christian Worship
• Practical Ministry Field Education
• Faith & the Arts

“I chose the Bachelor of Ministry because it was the most beneficial for me at my life stage and it complemented my skill-set in leadership and management, both in the secular world and in Christian circles.”
Jim Raistrick, Operations Manager

About this Degree

Of all our undergraduate degrees, the Bachelor of Ministry has the greatest number of electives and is ideal for practical ministry.

Ministry Streams

What options do I have after this course?

Become a pastor, teacher or minister with responsibility for preaching, providing leadership in various ministry contexts.

A Chaplain in a school, military or hospital context.

A leader within a Christian ministry or cross-cultural mission.