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There’s No Room In My Inn!

A few years back the final months of the year had been difficult for a number of reasons: family medical crises, and the ongoing impact of the global economic crisis on the ministry had caused an unusual amount of stress….

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The Three Wise Men of Cologne Cathedral

In September 2010 my wife, Cornelia, travelled to Germany to visit her ancestral home, taking our daughter, Carla, so she could gain some cultural insights into her European heritage. After visiting Cuxhaven, on the North Sea, they joined a tour…

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The Seasons of Marriage

Next week we’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day once again. Now, while I’m a bit of a romantic, I’ve never tried to ‘find’ romance on this day because it’s something Cornelia and I are ever-mindful of. We start the day with a cuddle…

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The Power of the Tongue

Since time began, the tongue has communicated the most beautiful of thoughts, it has spoken great truths, it has told the world of great events, it has been used by the billions of souls who have professed the name of…

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The Lonely Man

Recently I met a man in his mid to late 60′s who’s doing it hard. I’ll call him Jim. Jim came to believe in Jesus Christ through the youth group he attended. His love for the Lord grew through the…

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  • The Thriving Christian Leader Program 2020

    We believe that all Christians are missional people who actively participate in God’s kingdom work. Every Christian communicates and lives out the gospel in her or his own context, work and family environment.

    Regardless of whether you are serving in the “classic” vocations of pastor, youth worker, chaplain, counsellor and cross-cultural worker or whether you are a change agent in the medical area, business world, education sector, in politics, social entrepreneurship, and many other areas; if you seek to be “salt of the earth”, and long to effectively integrate faith and work in your own context: This program is for you!

  • 01Jan 2020
    100 Years

    C.H. Nash held the very first class of our College on the 13th of September 1920 and next year we are excited to celebrate 100 years of equipping God’s people with an exciting year full of special events and fellowship. We hope that you can join us at one or more of these events to celebrate all that God has done in and through our College.