Student Mail Boxes (Pigeonholes)

Student mailboxes, labelled alphabetically, are on the First Floor beside the tea/coffee facilities. They provide for incoming mail, notes from students or faculty, and the return of your essays or class work notes. Check your mailbox daily, or whenever you are on campus.

MST Weekly

MST Weekly is an online newsletter sent every Monday to MST students. MST Weekly communicates important information and announcements for the coming week, including community notices, chapel speakers, academic memos, accommodation, social events, ministry experience opportunities and part-time job opportunities. If you have an event, room for rent or a job position to advertise, please contact Deb Fox by 5pm on Wednesday. Inclusion of material in the MST Weekly is at the discretion of the editor and Dean of Studies, Delle Matthews.

Community Notice Board

Looking for a place to live or a part time job? We have a community notice board located in the student lounge on level 1. Notices must be approved before being posted to the board. You will need to include your name and contact details so we can contact you. Please be aware that space is limited – we will be date stamping all notices and removing them after a certain time has elapsed.

In addition to the physical notice board, there is also an online version that can be found on the MST website at community-notice-board/ Please contact Deb Fox with details of the advertisement, contact details (as they will appear on the website) and an image or logo (if applicable).

The MST website ( au) is updated regularly with information about everything from upcoming
events and chapel speakers to timetables, book lists, job listings and accommodation in the local area.


eCampus “e-What?”, we hear you ask. Good question! eCampus is MST’s online learning platform for the delivery of course content. Log in to eCampus to access lecture notes, download MP3 (audio) and MP4 (video) content, contribute to forum discussions and take part in quizzes. You can also use eCampus to submit essays and assessments throughout the semester. Most lecturers will also be uploading course outlines, examples of past exams and further reading links to eCampus. You will soon discover how valuable this online tool is to help you with your studies! If you experience any technical issues with eCampus, or you require help with logging in, please contact Damien Knuckey (IT Manager).