CH301/501 Christianity in History to 1550

This is a foundational subject that is particularly helpful to have prior to studying theology as it establishes and develops historical understanding.

Subject CodeCH301 - Undergraduate
CH501 - Graduate
Study ModesMST Wantirna Campus or Online
Next AvailableSemester 1, 2019

Rev Richard Coombs


This subject is an overview of the history of the church from its very beginnings until the dawn of the Reformation.

Along the way we will look at heresies, the development of Scholasticism, and the crusades among other topics. Through this you will gain an awareness of the major developments in the history of the Christian churches over the first fifteen centuries and come to appreciate the problems, opportunities and attitudes of past Christians in their interaction with the societies in which they lived.

You will also develop a basic grasp of the historiographical method as you begin to study particular movements, issues and periods.


    The On-Campus mode of this subject will be taught by Rev Richard Coombs.

      Time Commitment

      The On-Campus mode of this subject will require a time commitment of roughly 10-12 hours per week, which is made up of both lecture/in-class time and self directed study.

      The Distance mode of this subject will require a time commitment of roughly 10-12 hours per week in total.


        Assessments will be advised first week of class.

          Required Text Books

          • Everett Ferguson, Church History: Vol 1 - From Christ to the Pre-Reformation (2nd Ed.; Zondervan, Grand Rapids: Michigan, 2013).
          • John Woodbridge, Church History: Vol 2 - From Pre-Reformation to the
            Present Day
            (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2013).

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