EM324/524 Principles of Evangelism

This subject is a theoretical and practical orientation to the biblical, theological and socio-cultural dimensions of living and communicating the meaning of the Christian gospel in both Australia and overseas.

Subject CodeEM324 - Undergraduate
EM524- Graduate
Study ModeMST Wantirna Campus
Next AvailableSemester 2, 2019

Dr. Bernie Power


The subject investigates personal and church-based methods of evangelism in contemporary society. You will be introduced to the various sub-topics through class-based input of biblical, methodological and socio-cultural material and associated weekly readings from the set text and other relevant articles.

Timetabled alongside this are a number of practical tasks that help identify and categorise evangelistic methods that students will compare and contrast, and determine and evaluate what is best for them and your church and cultural context. You will apply and integrate class learning with experience of at least twenty hours of field work in the form of supervised involvement in evangelistic activity in a team placement with other students.


    This subject will be taught by Dr. Bernie Power.

      Time Commitment

      This subject will require a time commitment of roughly 10-12 hours per week, which is made up of both lecture/in-class time and self directed study.


        Assessments will be advised first week of class.

          Recommended Text Books

          No textbooks required. Handouts available in class.

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