EM415/615 Christian Ministry in Islamic Contexts

This unit helps Christians understand the history of Islam and the range of interpretations of Islam across the various Muslim groups. We’ll review biblical and theological perspectives on Islam and look at Christian-Muslim worldview comparisons.

Subject CodeEM415 - Undergraduate
EM615 - Graduate
Study ModeIntensive (26th - 30th August)
Next AvailableSemester 2, 2019

Dr. Richard Shumack

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    Understanding and engaging with Islam is clearly one of the greatest social and missional challenges the church faces at present. Muslim communities are growing in Australia and we see the impact of radical Islam around the world.

    We’ll explore the many different ways Christians are seeking to engage positively with Muslims in their local communities, as well as across the world. Issues of culture and contextualisation will also be reviewed. This is a must for contemporary Christians.


      This subject will be taught by Dr. Richard Shumack.

      Dr. Richard Shumack is the new Director for Melbourne School of Theology’s Centre for the Study of Islam and Other Faiths. Richard is based in Sydney with his wife and four sons. He has studied extensively on the Islamic faith and has worked as a fellow specialising in philosophy of religion with the Centre for Public Christianity. He is also involved with the Understanding and Answering Islam team at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Richard teaches regularly on ministry in Muslim contexts in Australian colleges, universities, churches and schools. His publications include Witnessing to Western Muslims and the philosophical apologetic The Wisdom of Islam and the Foolishness of Christianity.


        Assessments will be advised first day of class.

          Recommended Text Books

          J. Azusa, My Neighbour's Faith: Islam Explained for Christians (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2008). Ebook also available.

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