EM723 Missional Spirituality

The essence of Christian ministry is a transformative encounter with Jesus Christ. While ministry may take many forms and involve a variety of activities, the ultimate objective is, as Dallas Willard puts it, a renovation of the heart. At its core, Christian spirituality is heart activity. Our ministry to others is nothing more, and nothing less, than participating with God in his mission in this world, helping others to experience the same transformation we have experienced.

This subject is intended to be an integrative and interactive exploration of Christian spirituality both as an academic discipline as well as a personal journey of faith. At the core of this subject will be a growing understanding, both theologically and experientially, of our identity in Christ. The first priority of every minister of the gospel is the nurture of his or her own soul. In this subject, we will explore ways in which we participate with God in our own spiritual transformation and nurture our identity in Christ. And then we will discover how we can help others discover and experience this transformative work of God.

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Subject CodeEM723
Pre-requisites Students enrolling in 700 level units must have a previous theological qualification.
Study ModeIntensive
Next Available26th - 30th November


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Dr Tom Kimber

    Time Commitment

    Due to the nature of this course, students will be expected to engage both academically as well as personally with the subject matter. Throughout the semester, you will be required to engage in a number of spiritual disciplines and record your discoveries as you practice them. Class times will include interactive discussions, lectures, personal reflections and other formats that may be helpful to the understanding and experience of the material.


      1. Reading reflections (2000 words)

      Students are required to read each required text/reading and identify “new to you” thoughts. For each reading, demonstrate understanding of the reading and reflect personally on the concept. What is God saying to you personally in this? How does it affect your ministry?

      2. Spiritual Disciplines Journal (2000 words)

      Students are required to practice four spiritual disciplines throughout the semester. Two are required (prayer and meditation, described below) and two will be of your own choosing. Journal about your experiences as you practice these disciplines. Further details about how the disciplines should be practiced will be given in class.

      3. Case Study (2500 words for 4 credit points; 3500 words for 6 credit points)

      Critically analyse the spirituality of your organisation or church. Integrating what you have learned from the literature and your personal spiritual formation experience this semester, write an integrative essay.

      Reading Reflections 20%
      Spiritual Discipline Reflections 30%
      Case Study 50%

        Recommended Text Books

        A. Spiritual Formation

        Evan Howard, “Christian Transformation” from The Brazos Introduction to Christian Spirituality, pp. 230-295, Grand Rapids: Brazos.

        Robert Mulholland (1993), Invitation to a Journey, Downers Grove: IVP Books.

        B. Spiritual Disciplines

        Richard Foster (1978), Celebration of Discipline, New York: HarperSanFranciso

        Henri Nouwen (1981), The Way of the Heart, New York: HarperSanFrancisco

        C. Ministry

        Andrew Purves (2007), The Crucifixion of Ministry, Downers Grove: IVP

        Eugene Peterson (1987), “Spiritual Direction” from Working the Angles, pp. 149-192, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans.