Delle Matthews

Delle has been a member of Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL International for 22 years as Literacy Co-ordinator for SIL Indonesia serving in West Papua and teaching at SIL, Kangaroo Ground.

Delle began working in educational administration while there and completed a Masters in Educational Administration. She is dedicated to serving God through education, furthering His kingdom by helping to ensure others are skilled and qualified for their ministries. Her current research interest is in retention of theological students and how faith impacts decisions of students.

More About Delle's Session - To What Extent Does Theological College Contribute to a Deepened Sense of Spirituality?

A quick search through the websites of theological colleges within the Australian College of Theology (ACT) shows that most colleges claim the experience of theological study will be transforming. Indeed, one of the learning outcomes of all courses of the ACT is that students will demonstrate the capacity for independent reflection and learning to sustain personal and professional development in Christian, professional and vocational life and ministry suggesting that there is an expectation for more than knowledge based outcomes for students. This paper seeks to answer the question of whether transformation and personal development for ACT students is achieved in the area of spirituality and in what ways. Results of a survey of students from across the consortium of ACT colleges will be discussed.