MST Course Outline

Diploma (Foundations)

Course code:Diploma Pathway 2
Length:1 year full time, or up to 4 years part time.
Pre-requisites:Year 12 or Mature Age entry if over 21 years
English Language: IELTS score of 6.0 overall with 6.0 in each subtest. ATAR score of 65 or above.


The Biblical Foundations Diploma may be just what you’re looking for! Whether you’re fresh out of school or haven’t studied in years, the Biblical Foundations Diploma is an ideal starting point for studying the Bible, theology and mission and is a great stepping stone to any future study. It provides you with a full year’s credit towards a degree and includes a unique Mission Week experience and Practical Field Education in a church or mission organisation. This diploma will provide you with a solid scriptural foundation to grow your Christian faith and develop your ministry skills.

You will be equipped with

  • A deeper knowledge of Christian faith and doctrine
  • Understanding to accurately interpret the Bible, with knowledge of its original context, major themes, theological developments and how these have shaped the history of the Church
  • Skills to meet the practical requirements of Christian ministry
  • The ability to lead, pioneer, or serve in ministry or mission work
  • Spiritual growth as you learn the disciplines of spiritual formation and discipleship

Course Structure

The Biblical Foundations Diploma comprises 8 subjects in total. It can be completed in 12 months full-time or up to four years part-time.

Required Subjects

Jesus and the Gospels Old Testament FoundationsEarly Church History
Early New Testament Church Old Testament Prophets and WritingsPatterns of Spiritual Formation

Ministry Stream Electives (Choose 2)

Bible & Theology
• Principles of Hermeneutics
• Biblical Hebrew A & B
• New Testament Greek A & B
• The Knowledge of God
• The Person & Work of Christ
• Grace & Eschatology
• Church, Ministry & Sacraments

Christian Thought
• Introduction to Christian Ethics
• Introduction to Philosophy
• Christian Worldview
Cross-Cultural Missions
• Aid & Development
• Biblical Theology of Mission
• Contemporary Theology of Mission
• Cross-cultural Field Education
• Cultural Anthropology
• Living Faiths
• Principles of Evangelism

Islamic Studies
• Christian Apologetics to Islam
• Christian Ministry in Islamic Contexts
• Cross-cultural Field Education
• Mohammad: A Christian Perspective
• The Qur’an: a Christian Perspective
• Christian worship
• Congregational or Pastoral Care Field Education
• Disability & Normality
• Foundations of Pastoral Care
• Introduction to Preaching
• Pastoral Skills & Methods
• Principles of Evangelism
• Principles of Leadership & Management
• Church Planting
• Christian World-view
• Chaplaincy in Education Settings
• Foundations of Pastoral Care
• Pastoral Skills & Methods
• Practical Ministry Field Education
• Living Faiths
• Disability and Normality
• Chaplaincy Skills
• Foundations of Christian Education
• Christian World-view
• Christian Worship
• Patterns of Spiritual Formation
• Practical Ministry Field Education
• Spirituality & the Arts
• Christian World-view

Entry Requirements

FEE-HELP is available.
Year 12 or Mature Age entry if over 21 years
English Language: IELTS score of 6.0 overall with 6.0 in each subtest.

ATAR score of 65 or above.

Where this course may take you

Further study – One year’s full credit to transition into a Bachelor of Ministry, Bachelor of Theology or Bachelor of Christian Studies.
Complementary study – deepen your faith as you gain a Christian perspective on university studies in any field.
Workplace outreach and evangelism – develop a solid understanding of Christian faith and practice for work in any career or profession.
Mission or Ministry – gain knowledge and skills for full or part-time work in a local church or mission organisation.

 ”I chose the MST Diploma, as part of my ministry internship at CityLife, because it equipped me with biblical depth and cross-cultural understanding to share the gospel with the lost and serve His people” 


Dr Hwee Kim Toh
Medical Doctor and
MinistryTrax Intern
CityLife Church

About this course

A major benefit of the Biblical Foundations Diploma is the ability to complete it within one year, leaving the door open for further study.