Dr Matthew Jacoby

Matthew is the teaching pastor at Moolap and Barrabool Hills Baptist Church in Geelong. At MST he teaches philosophy, apologetics, preaching, worship and the arts. Matthew is also the lead member of the internationally acclaimed Psalms project band, Sons of Korah, who continue to record and tour around the world. Matthew is married to Kate and together they have three children, Sophia, Jeremiah and Ivy. Matthew is passionate about the arts and also enjoys running, surfing and watching football (soccer).

More About Matthew's Session - Identity and Responsibility

In this talk Matt will discuss the relationship between identity and human responsibility. With reference to the creation account in Genesis, and drawing on Kierkegaard, Buber and Dostoyevsky, Matt will build a case for seeing our responsibility for others as foundational for self-realisation and a key element of the divine image in us. Conversely, Matt will argue that an unwillingness to be responsible for others is essentially a dissociative state that amounts to a kind of self-abrogation.