Academic Courses

During the MST annual Mission Week, the Arthur Jeffery Centre students have the opportunity offers to become engaged in intensive, supervised practical experience. Also, some subjects offered by the Arthur Jeffery Centre have a practical component to them, and there are other opportunities to be involved further throughout the year

The Bachelor of Ministry and the Master of Arts (Christian Studies) offer the greatest scope for specialising in the study of Islam.

The Arthur Jeffery Centre seeks to prepare Christian men and women to engage with people of other faiths, be it in a local context or in another country, through the study of other religions. If you are interested in broadening your understanding of other religions, and deepening your level of engagement with those of other faiths, then study with the Arthur Jeffery Centre is for you.

Postgraduate Opportunities

The Arthur Jeffery Centre is also attracting increasing attention from would be postgraduate students who see higher level study of Islam and other faiths as equipping them for their own particular vocation, especially in the fields of ministry and mission. To meet these needs the Arthur Jeffery Centre has designed a Master of Arts in Christian Studies (Islam and Other Faiths), that can be taken by students who have graduated in non-theological fields. As for those who have an undergraduate degree in theology, they can take a specialist Master of Arts (Ministry) specialising in the study of Islam and other faiths. There is also the option for postgraduate students to take research degrees in this field as well.

What Our Students Are Saying