Morris Lee (2009)

The Phenomenon of a Persisting World View in a Context of Religious Change: A Study of Marphati in an Area of Rural Bangladesh.

The thesis addresses the phenomenon of the persistence of a world view in a context of religious change. This is done by examining the beliefs of people and identifying the characteristics of the world view. The people are from an area of rural Bangladesh describing themselves as mârphati… The study shows that there has been a process in which endogenous beliefs have adopted exogenous religious narratives, the latest and contemporary being the Islamic…The world view has fulfilled the basic needs of the people and has persisted because of its success and the ability to creatively adopt exogenous narrative.

Supervisor: Dr. Ian Hawley

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Robert Fergie (2000)

A study of post-independence church/state relations in Papua New Guinea with particular relevance to the Evangelical Alliance of the South Pacific Island and its involvement in the Government’s National Youth Movement Program during the 1980s.

This is a study of church/government relations in Papua New Guinea during a period of accelerated socio-political change from the early 1960s to the mid1990s…The following thesis is tested: The influence of the relatively small EASPI upon Papua New Guinea government initiatives to re-define church/government relations through youth development in the 1980s reflected a revitalisation of evangelicalism’s socio-political activist roots. A number of propositions (corresponding to chapters 2-8) are addressed in support of this thesis…

Supervisor: Dr Darrell Paproth


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Alexander Mak (1997)

Towards a Holistic View of Pauline Suffering: A Contextual Study of 2 Corinthians

Supervisor: Dr Colin Kruse