Leonard Buck Lecture

The Ministry of Racial Reconciliation And Its Impact on Evangelism and Missions

Presented by Dr Peter T. Cha


Due to the growing phenomenon of global migration, many parts of our world are increasingly multiracial and multicultural.  With growing diversity, however, many societies also face the growing challenge of racial conflicts and of racial inequalities.  The Scriptures clearly teach that the Gospel of Christ not only reconciles us to our God vertically but also enables us to reconcile with “others” horizontally (Eph 2:11-19).  Given this biblical truth and given today’s need for racial healing and reconciliation, how should today’s church understand the relationship between the ministry of racial reconciliation and the ministry of evangelism/global missions?  Does the ministry of reconciliation, as some have feared, distract us from the ministry of evangelism & missions?  Or does the former strengthen and support the latter, especially in today’s multicultural and postmodern settings?  Interacting with insights gained from theology, sociology, and missiology, this presentation aims to explore these and other related questions that are critical for our understanding of the calling of today’s Gospel witnessing communities.

Peter Cha


We are thankful to have Dr Peter Cha, Professor of Church, Culture and Society at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) as our speaker. He is the author of numerous books and articles on social-cultural exegesis, ethnicity and race, multi-ethnic and Asian-American congregations and reconciliation