We believe that all Christians are missional people who actively participate in God’s kingdom work. Every Christian communicates and lives out the gospel in her or his own context, work and family environment.

Regardless of whether you are serving in the “classic” vocations of pastor, youth worker, chaplain, counsellor and cross-cultural worker or whether you are a change agent in the medical area, business world, education sector, in politics, social entrepreneurship, and many other areas; if you seek to be “salt of the earth”, and long to effectively integrate faith and work in your own context: This program is for you!



The Thriving Christian Leader Program consists of 5 workshops on 5 half-Saturdays throughout 2020. These dates are yet to be determined as we follow government instructions. Please join our mailing list HERE to stay in touch!

The workshops are designed to be undertaken in one year and in chronological order. We pursue a cross-disciplinary approach that is designed to contribute to learning by facilitating interactions that may not otherwise naturally occur within your normal vocational settings.

Transformational learning is key and happens through our “Thrive Groups”: Here, we provide the opportunity for you to connect with one another in and between the workshops. You exchange creative ideas and experiences about how to best apply the content in real life.

Each workshop is facilitated by several members of our expert team.



Identity and Calling
Gain a clearer sense of your identity and calling and become more intentional about spiritual formation in your daily walk with Christ

Resilience & Self-Care
Manage your time and stress in a healthy way and achieve a more holistic sense of well-being

Skills & Support
Become more confident interacting with people with mental health issues and learn how to best respond to crises within the community.

Context, Culture & Integration
Grow in your sensitivity for different worldviews and cultural contexts and learn strategies to integrate faith and work more effectively in order to serve well.

Communication & Community
Develop skills to communicate more effectively, to improve your conflict management skills and understand how to contribute towards healthy relationships and communities.



  • Thriving Christian Leader Certificate, All 5 workshops for only $769 (special introductory price for 2020)
  • $185 per workshop
  • Payments plans are available to make this program accessible to you.



  • Email ctp@mst.edu.au
  • Our group cohorts are limited so we encourage you to apply early.