Arthur Jeffery Centre Perspective Series Lecture – Women & Islam: seclusion & exclusion?

Presented by Dr Moyra Dale



Walk with me tonight into the heart of a Muslim city.  Entering the homes there, we find different perspectives and experiences of Islam in the lives of Muslim women and men.  What perspectives have we primarily engaged with in the past, and why? What are the areas in women’s lives that might offer us new insights into Islam?  Examples for us to choose from include Rites of passage, Family, Hospitality, Purity and Prayer.  We will find that these topics help us in understanding Muslim women, and Muslim men also, and how to read the Bible to engage with Islam.


Moyra is a well-known scholar of Islam and has published a number of books.  Her book Shifting allegiances: networks of kinship and of faith: the women’s program in a Syrian mosque grew out of her thesis which she completed through the Melbourne School of Theology. Moyra is also an adjunct Research Fellow with the Centre and has also lectured on various Islamic topics associated with MST Courses.

The night will conclude with a time of fellowship over light supper. We hope that you may join us!