Expectations and Standards

As a community, MST faculty, staff and students have covenanted to maintain an atmosphere that reflects our life in Christ and brings glory and pleasure to Him. To this end, although it is impossible to create behavioural standards acceptable to every member, it is essential to specify certain community expectations and standards.

Each individual joining the MST community has voluntarily and willingly taken on the responsibilities outlined in MST Life. Though free to follow a biblically informed conscience, some of us will, in some practices, in love and consideration, need to adapt to benefit the community.

  • Code of Conduct (Rom 12:9-21)
    MST’s Code of Conduct, policies and procedures, are located in the Appendix
  • Dress on Campus (1 Cor 6:19-20)
    Our dress is a statement. It identifies us with values and beliefs. Clothes are not culturally neutral. Our challenge is to dress appropriately and not draw undue attention to ourselves or cause offence to others. On campus, clothes should be clean, neat and tidy and not tight or brief.
  • Mobile Phones (Prov 1:5; Lk 6:31)
    Mobile phones must be turned off when in classrooms, the library and the chapel. Please be conscious of this as they provide a distraction to other students and faculty members.
  • Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs (Gal 5:19-21; 1 Cor 6:19)
    MST is a smoke-free, alcohol-free and drug-free zone. Medically prescribed drugs are allowed on campus as needed.
  • Students are also encouraged to think carefully about the message that alcohol consumption off campus might send. Of course, no student should become intoxicated.

    There are also some important issues regarding alcohol in a multicultural and multi-denominational college like MST. In many non-Australian cultures and various Christian traditions, Christians have a practice of totally abstaining from alcohol. This can be quite a stumbling block to our brothers and sisters in Christ when they come to study here. It is important that we are caring and respectful of our Christian brothers and sisters in this matter.