Chinese Language Faculty

Rev Dr Justin Tan
Rev Dr Justin TanVice Principal (Academic), Senior Lecturer, Research Fellow and Director of the Research Centre for Chinese Christianity

BE (Monash University), MDiv (CGST), MTh (SEAGST), PhD (London School of Theology)

Rev. Dr. Tan was originally from Malaysia, a sixth generation Chinese there.

He completed studies at Monash University in Melbourne, studying chemical engineering. He responded to the Lord in a Gospel Camp, and was active in the Overseas Christian Fellowship and refugee works in 1970’s.

In 1980, He went to Hong Kong’s China Graduate School of Theology for his MDiv. Degree. After graduation, he took on pastoral work in Hong Kong while studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong with Master's degrees in Theology, majoring in Old Testament theology. He also taught some theology courses during that period at the Baptist College (now Baptist University).

Dr Tan is married to Ina and has two sons, Aidan and Jeremiah.

Dr Tan left for England in 1991 for further studies at King's College, University of London, researching Patristic Spirituality, particularly Gregory of Nyssa and the Desert Fathers. He was awarded PhD in 1995.

Dr. Tan's research interests include: structural analysis of Biblical Literature, Old Testament theology of suffering; the practice of spiritual theology in the Chinese church, the spiritual tradition of the early Church Fathers.

    Rev Dr YC Liong
    Rev Dr YC LiongFull-time Lecturer Chinese Director

    BTh (TTC Singapore), MTh (SEAGST), PhD (Birmingham)

    Dr Liong has a Liao origin and grew up in Malaysia. He accepted the Lord during high school and was active in the Methodist church youth. In 1984 he completed a BTh at the Trinity Theological College in Singapore. In 1995 he attended the Southeast Asia Graduate School of Theology to study the history of Eastern and Western churches. In 1997 obtained a master's degree in theology. In the same year, he went to Birmingham University in the UK study church history and in 2001 was awarded a doctorate in philosophy.

      Rev Dr King She
      Rev Dr King SheFull-time Lecturer and Dean of Student Affairs

      BA (Wales), MTh (Dallas), PhD (Dallas)

      Dr She was born into an atheist family in China. In 1987 he headed to the University of Wales, majoring in Accounting and Finance. Shortly after returning to Hong Kong to work, he discovered the truth of the gospel and gave his life to serving Jesus. In 1992, he dedicated his life to evangelistic work in Hong Kong. In 1995, he entered the Dallas Theological Seminary receiving a Masters degree in Theology. He later received a PhD, specialising in Exodus and Hebrews.

      Dr She then served as a lecturer at Dallas Theological Seminary. He and his wife have two sons. Dr She's research interests include: philosophy, hermeneutics, and biblical exegesis.

        Dr Mei Chung
        Dr Mei ChungFull-time Lecturer and Dean Purser

        DipEd, BTh, MME, MDiv, PhD (ACU)

        Dr Mei Chung and her husband felt called to serve God on the mission field. They were sent to Taiwan to carry out a church planting ministry and arrange learning opportunities for the local community. In 2004, Mei began to assist with matters relating to student internships, and began studying a PhD in 2005 to explore the spiritual characteristics of the new generation of Chinese churches in Australia. Her book was published after she completed her studies "Chinese Young People and Spirituality: An Australian Study". Mei has also published extensively in theological and academic journals.

        Mei's research interests include: cross-cultural evangelism missionary and local policy, Australian native development and multicultural church Model of the Church of the second generation of adolescent pastoral ministry.

          Rev Dr Theresa Lau
          Rev Dr Theresa LauCurriculum Planning Director/ E-learning Campus Coordinator (MST Chinese)

          BA (Melbourne University), BTh Hons (ACT), Dip Div & Mission (SMBC), PhD (Melbourne University)

          Rev Dr Theresa Yu is originally from Malaysia - the third generation of overseas Chinese and native of Fujian Furuta. Theresa grew up in a Christian family, active in Malaysia Sarawak Methodist Sunday School and youth fellowship.

          In 1990 she travelled to Australia, studying at the University of Melbourne Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Jewish Studies and Psychology. After graduating, she also studied at Sydney Missionary Bible College studying and Australian College of Theology.

          Theresa's research interests and publications include New Testament studies, exegesis, discipleship, Greek and Jewish cultural comparison of Chinese and Western control.