Faith and the Arts

Subject Code PE405 - Undergraduate
PE605 – Graduate
TitleFaith and the Arts
Study Modes On Campus, Distance, Intensive
Next Available2017, Semester 2

Dr Matt Jacoby


You are being deeply influenced by the arts whether you know it or not. Information alone does not shape a person. Our lives are shaped by the things that appeal to our imaginations and influence our desires. This includes the stories we are told through novels and film, the music we listen to, the images we are surrounded by and even the spaces we worship in. As Christians, we must be proficient critical thinkers when it comes to the arts. The arts not only influence us, they also provide a vital language of expression that is as necessary to for the expression of faith as a creed or confession. The arts have always played a central role in the expression of the Christian church down through the centuries and therefore they are also a crucial window to church history. This course will examine the influence that the arts can, do and have had on the Christian imagination. The course is not designed just for those involved in the arts. It is designed to help all Christian students appreciate and understand the various art forms and their significance for the expression of faith.


Dr Matt Jacoby

    Time Commitment

    3 hour lecture per week for 12 weeks, and approx. 6 hours per week recommended study for undergraduate students and 8 hours per week recommended study for graduate students


      All assessments for this subject will be discussed in the first week of class.

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