General Epistles (Peter & James) NT426/436/626/636

Subject Code NT426/436 - Undergraduate
OT626/636 - Graduate
TitleGeneral Epistles - Peter & James
Study Modes On Campus & Online
Next Available2018, Semester 1

Dr Greg Forbes


The epistles of 1 Peter and James are often neglected. Yet they have a wealth of relevant material for contemporary Christians, particularly with respect to Christian morality and ethics.

In this subject, students will examine a selection of epistles and learn how the writers handled the issues they faced. This subject involves a detailed examination of the historical and cultural situation that gave rise to these letters, as well as a solid exegetical analysis of the text.

Prerequisites and Exclusions

Pre-requisites: NT302/502 and BB303/503

Time Commitment

This subject will require class attendance. There will be 3 hours of lecture time each week for 13 weeks, and approximately 7 hours private study per week.


Greek Students are required to purchase the following textbooks:

– Greg W. Forbes, 1 Peter (Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament; Nashville: B & H Academic, 2014) – available from MST at reduced cost.

– Chris A. Vlachos, James (Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament; Nashville: B & H Academic, 2013).

All students are highly recommended to purchase a Commentary. Suggested commentaries include:

– Commentaries on 1 Peter: Michaels (WBC), Goppelt, Davids (NICNT), Achtemeier (Hermeneia), Elliott (Anchor Bible), Jobes (BECNT).

– Commentaries on James: Martin (WBC), Davids (NIGTC), Moo (Pillar), McKnight (NICNT), Blomberg & Kamell (Zondervan).

All students will require Internet access to access the class materials on our online student portal eCampus.