Our History

The three key stages in the growth of MST may be identified as follows:

  • Birth: September 1920 – original name ‘Melbourne Bible Institute’ (‘MBI’), first principal Rev CH Nash.
  • 1st Evolution: Relocation to Lilydale Campus: 1978 – renamed ‘Bible College Victoria’ (‘BCV’).
  • 2nd Evolution: Relocation to Wantirna South Campus: 2011 – renamed ‘Melbourne School of Theology’ (‘MST’).
  • The relocation of MBI and now BCV represent pivotal events in MST’s life to enable it to continue to serve the Lord and fulfil its purpose and vision.
  • In August 1920 Rev CH Nash set the foundation of MBI with the following public statement: ‘The MBI stands foursquare for the wholehearted acceptance of the entire sacred volume of the Old and New Testaments as from God. This is God’s book for the plain man, and to such He will interpret its full meaning progressively by His Holy Spirit. Herein, too, is provided a full equipment for everyone who would serve Jesus as Lord.
    This book holds a message from God adapted to the spiritual needs of every class in every age. That message received makes men ‘wise unto salvation’ which has all the elements of completeness. But if the book is from God, it will bear without loss the sincerest and most searching examination . . . Its genuineness will defy the acid as well as the sledgehammer of criticism. It is sufficient, and always sufficient, for the purposes for which it has been given to us’.
  • MST remains true to the foundations set by the Rev CH Nash.

Our Focus

The heritage of MST includes a number of key emphases:

  1. Biblical knowledge. The essence of training is to provide a thorough working knowledge of the Bible as the one dependable revelation from God. It is the chief equipment for the Christian worker.
  2. Equal opportunity for all Christians. Training is open to people of all ages and levels of educational background, whether they are pursuing full-time paid Christian ministry, or seeking to be better equipped to serve the church and the world.
  3. Practical relevance. There is great emphasis on the application of truth to daily life.
  4. Spiritual growth. The encouragement of personal spiritual growth in Christ is a major objective that permeates the total program of the College.
  5. Training in community. There is a strong emphasis upon students learning, sharing and worshipping together, discovering in depth the meaning of fellowship in Christ and the loving service of others.
  6. Interdenominational unity. One of the great appeals of MST is its denominational diversity. It’s exciting and, at times, challenging to learn to express our deep unity in Christ in the midst of our many different backgrounds.
  7. Flexibility in the program. MST is continually seeking to appropriately adapt its teaching and learning methods to a fast-changing educational environment, while remaining committed to the unchanging gospel.
  8. Evangelism and mission. One of MST’s great emphases is the training of men and women for evangelism and cross-cultural mission. It is imperative that all students have a clear understanding of the gospel and the uniqueness of Christ as Lord and Saviour in a pluralistic world.
  9. Leadership. MST seeks to equip its graduates for leadership in the church, mission and market place, so that they will be people who influence others in their thinking and behaviour. It is also our passion to equip people for key leadership roles, and to continue to assist their professional growth and development through in service programs.