iServe: Beyond the Classroom

Studying at Bible college expands your knowledge of Scripture and the Church but it needs to go further as real learning takes place when what we hear and see is applied in real life circumstances (Jms 1:22; 2 Tim 3:16-17). MST has recently introduced a new requirement for all students, one that ensures graduates are ready to use their knowledge and skills in Kingdom building. We call this iServe.

iServe is a unique placement opportunity designed to help you develop a theology of ministry and to reflect on theological and biblical issues in a ministry context. It integrates your course work and studies with actual ministry in different situations, exposing you to the ways in which ministry is conducted and modelled. This component of your studies can be undertaken in evangelism, congregational ministry, pastoral care, practical ministry, lay ministry, youth ministry or cross-cultural field experience. iServe’s requirements can be spread over the length of your course or during a short term of placement.


Up to 75% may be done where you currently serve (i.e. your church), the rest has to be undertaken in a different church, para-church, ministry or mission.

Basically, it’s about gaining experience, so here are some ideas of what can be included in your iServe Log:
• The work you do at your church, or for a ministry or mission, as long as it is supervised.
• Mission Week
• Holiday mission programs (Beach mission etc)
• Student Leadership Team
• Taking the MST subject: Practical Field Education.
You will be given an iServe Log Book when you enrol each semester to help you keep track of your time and a place to record your reflections.

2.5 hours per credit point (For courses/ subjects from February 2016)
• Masters/ Degree 240 hours over the term of your course
• Graduate Diploma 80 hours over the term of your course
• Diploma 80 hours over the term of your course

iServe is an uncredited, but a required part of MST’s curriculum. You will be assessed as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory and receive an MST iServe Field Education certificate at the completion of your placement, which will be helpful for your ministry folio.

Check the Student Noticeboard for options or contact Peter Tyrrell (Vice Principal – Community & Operations).