Lidia Lae

Lidia is a qualified psychologist and teacher who has worked in the corporate, community, academic and educational sectors. She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and the Director of To Learn Consulting, a psychological consultancy that is passionate about assisting people to move forward in their lives. She is completing her PhD studies at the University of Melbourne, investigating the use of self-narratives to understand cross-cultural differences. Her current research interests include cross-cultural psychology, culture and self, the integration of psychology and theology/spirituality, and semiotic/narrative approaches in psychology.

More About Lidia's Session - Who am I? Insights from Psychology and Theology

When we deal with ‘Who am I?’, we are very much focusing on identity. Truth can be found through many disciplines and in the last few decades, the scientific evidence about self and identity as studied in psychology is converging with truth revealed through the Bible. Jesus frequently used story telling or narratives to illustrate truth because words have power, they create and they transform us within. The latest research from psychology reveals that self-narrative which leads to narrative identity is what constitutes the co-construction of self and culture. That is, we create our identities through the words we use. That identity is an ever-evolving life story has biblical merit because we were created through the spoken word of God, the Word is God, and the word of God is very much part of our identity in Christ Jesus. Theology as revealed in the Bible also emphasises the importance of narratives and the Word of God as central in building up a self and identity that is rooted in the redemptive work of Christ. Current insights reveal the converging truth about Self and identity from psychological and theological perspectives.