The Power of Gentle Witnessing

By Graeme Rule
Fu, known to her friends also as Fiona, migrated from China a few years ago and is now studying four subjects at MST Chinese. When she first arrived, she’d never read a Bible, never been to a Christian church service, never even heard the name ‘Jesus’. Her personal story of coming to faith is incredible. Soon after marrying an Australian named Lawrence, they returned to Australia from China, where she’d grown up near the Russian border.
“I remember, it was only four days after arriving in Australia, I was invited to church for the first time,” she shares. She was out shopping and overheard a woman speaking Chinese in the accent which was unique to her home region. Excited, Fiona could not resist speaking to the lady in Chinese and it was that woman, Hui-Lin, who first invited Fiona to church, in their very first conversation. “Although I’d never heard the name of Jesus before, and hadn’t read the Bible before, I agreed to go with my new friend. The worship was very moving and I remember tears running down my face when I first heard the message of God’s love,” Fiona shares.
Fiona faithfully prayed for nearly two years that her husband would come to church with her. Lawrence eventually decided to see what it was that made his wife so passionate about her new-found faith. He agreed to attend an English-speaking service at nearby Doveton Baptist. Praise God, they were both baptised there in May 2011! “I remember the first time I went back to China. A new Christian along with my husband, I wanted to share my new-found faith with my friends”, Fiona shares. They responded by saying, “How much you have changed! When you talk about God your eyes shine!”