Health, Help and Safety

MST recognises that studying is often a time when students face different types of stress, concerns about their studies, issues in their spiritual life, and that there will be students who have illness or personal difficulties during their time at MST. In order to help, MST has a variety of different support services in place.

Student Services Coordinator

MST has a Student Services Coordinator, Sue Kimber, who seeks to provide pastoral support to students. Sue Kimber has responsibility for student welfare as well as other administrative areas. Sue’s office is in on the first floor administration offices. She is available to provide support, advice and prayer if students are facing academic, personal or spiritual problems. She does not provide formal “counselling” but will refer students on if that is necessary (no fee is charged for referral). Please feel free to come and see her.

Critical Incidents

While MST is usually a safe environment, there is always the possibility that some traumatic event can occur. MST has in place a Critical Incident Policy to ensure that any such event is handled appropriately and adequate follow up and counselling is provided to the students. In case of any critical incident please notify one of the following people, the Principal, the Vice Principal, the Dean of Chinese Department if the student is from that department, or the Administrator. The Dean of Studies will be able to advise an option for any changes or consideration needed for studies.

Appeals and Complaints

Students may make appeals and complaints about academic and non-academic matters to any member of faculty or staff.

Wantirna Campus

MST is blessed with great facilities. Students are encouraged to appreciate and care for the facilities as a gift from God. It makes MST much more enjoyable if everyone takes care of the facilities and works together to keep things clean and in working order.

Students are requested to follow a few simple guidelines:
• If you used it – put it away
• Clean up any mess that you might make
• Treat equipment used for communal purposes with respect
• Report any damage or maintenance to the Property Manager


Facilities are open from Monday to Friday as follows:
Library 9am-5pm Mon & Fri / 9am-9pm pm Tues, Wed, Thurs; 10 am – 3 pm Sat
The MST Library hours are subject to change during some public holidays, and holiday periods – please check the MST website for regular updates.

Class rooms: 9am-5pm Mon, Wed, Fri / 9am-10pm Tues, & Wed.
Administration: 9.00am – 5pm Mon – Fri

Car Parking

All student cars should be parked in the MST car park in the designated areas. The car parks in the front of the building are for disabled and visitors use only.

Children on Campus

Children cannot be left unsupervised on MST’s property because neither students nor staff/ faculty are required to have Working With Children’s Checks. While a child is usually considered under 18 years of age, MST’s policy relates to children 15 years and under because there is no direct supervision by staff. A student may be given permission by their lecturer to bring their child to class, but each lecturer has the prerogative to do so. If a student is given permission, the lecturer may choose at any time for the child to be removed should the content of the class not be suitable for a minor, or if they become disruptive.

Recreational Facilities

A variety of sporting options are available:
• Table Tennis
• Basketball half court is to be found near the storage containers.
• Wantirna Tennis Club (across the road) permits the use of their courts. See Reception.

Evacuation Drills

Evacuation Drills are conducted in the second week of each semester. In the case of a fire/ threat/ or critical incident the alarm will be sounded. Everyone in the building must immediately:
• Stop whatever they are doing
• Proceed quickly to the designated assembly areas

Fire marshals will check that the building has been correctly evacuated and the Supervisors will check with the Fire Marshalls that all areas have been covered.

Ground Floor

Level 1