Dr. Andrew Brown

Old Testament Lecturer
BA (Bible) – BMin/BTh – BA Hons – PhD

Andrew grew up on the eastern Australian coast before spending over three years completing undergraduate degree studies in both New York State and Tennessee, USA.

Following a short stint of Bible college teaching and administrative work, he completed more formal theological college studies.

After Andrew married, he joined a pastoral team at a Baptist church and began research studies at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

Soon after arrival at MST, Andrew completed his PhD, a history of Christian interpretation of the creation week in Genesis 1:1-2:3.

Andrew is married to Naomi and they have three children, Gilchrist, Timothy and Kyria. They live in Montrose in Melbourne’s outer east and enjoy music, bushwalking, and long drives to see family in NSW and Queensland.

Areas of Study

  • Biblical Studies (BB)
  • Old Testament (OT)
  • Research Interests

    Andrew lectures in Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew, including the specific exegesis subjects Pentateuch, Psalms, Isaiah and Jeremiah, with Former Prophets and Wisdom Literature to be added shortly, as well as the postgraduate subject Reading and Believing: Hermeneutics and Genesis 1–3.

    Andrew’s chief area of research has been the history of interpretation of the creation week in Genesis 1:1–2:3, the subject of his 2011 PhD. Further research interests include visual learning; biblical creation texts more generally; reception history and theory; Psalms, particularly poetics, structure and historical development; Jeremiah, particularly structure and historical background; and Isaiah, particularly structure, literary form and language.

    Recent Publications



      Brown, Andrew J. “Visualization in Theological Education: A Taxonomy of Purposes, Tools and Possibilities for Visual Representation for the Non-Specialist,” in Teaching Theology in a Technological Age (edited by James R. Harrison and Yvette Debergue; Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publisher, 2015), 183–207


      The Days of Creation – A History of Biblical Interpretation of Genesis 1:1 – 2:3

      Purchase Dr.Brown’s book:
      or email Andrew personally at abrown@mst.edu.au


      “Augustine’s View of Creation and Its Modern Reception,” in Augustine and Science (edited by John Doody, Adam Goldstein, Kim Paffenroth, and Kim Paffenroth; Augustine in Conversation: Tradition and Innovation; Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2013), 27–42.