Dr. Bernie Power

Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations Lecturer
BS – DipEd – Cert TEFL – BTh (Hons) – MATh (Hons) – ThD

Bernie grew up in Sydney and has lived and taught in Australia, the United Kingdom and various countries in Asia and the Middle East.

He is married to Catherine, and has two adult sons. In his spare time Bernie enjoys reading, cycling, bush walking, and playing table tennis.

Area of Study

  • Intercultural Studies
  • Research Interests

    My research focus is Islam, particularly the following topics:

    The life of Muhammad
    The Muhammad of history differs from the Muhammad of devotion, who is widely promoted as the true depiction of the prophet. Further research is warranted.

    The Qur’an
    Most people find the Qur’an a confusing book, and any research to make it more understandable would be very important. This would require a prior study of Arabic, and MST offers courses to learn Qur’anic Arabic.

    The Hadith
    After the Qur’an, these are the most important documents in Islam, and are a vast ocean for potential future research.

    Islam and public policy
    There are widespread concerns about the nature of Islam and Muslim perceptions of Western society, the fear of potential terrorism, issues of child marriage, Sharia law, halal food, the burka, the growth and spread of Islam, and a perceived lack of integration into Western society by Muslims.

    Mission and evangelism to Muslims
    There are many different approaches and each has its strengths and weaknesses. This is fertile ground for future study.

    Apologetics to Islam
    Islam presents an alternative narrative to Christianity, and responses to these challenges are becoming even more intense.

    Recent Publications