Dr. Michael Bräutigam

Theology Lecturer
DipPsych – BA – DipTh – MTh – PhD

Michael and his wife, Jenni, are originally from Germany. They lived for several years in Scotland, where Michael tutored in theology and completed his PhD.

Michael has worked as a pastor in Germany (Free Evangelical Church), and he served as an elder in a local Edinburgh congregation of the Free Church of Scotland.

Areas of Study

  • Theology (TH)
  • Church History (CH)
  • Research Interests

    My main research interests lie in the fields of systematic and historical theology. The following lists a more detailed description of my research interests, and I look forward to hearing from students considering postgraduate work in these fields:

    Christian doctrine
    Christian doctrine in all its diversity and complexity fuels my curiosity, which translates into different research projects, especially in the areas of Christology, pneumatology, atonement theology, the doctrines of justification and sanctification, and ecclesiology, predominantly from the perspective of the Reformed tradition.

    The theology of Adolf Schlatter
    I have a profound interest in the theology of Adolf Schlatter. My monograph, Union with Christ: Adolf Schlatter’s Relational Christology, is the product of research I carried out as a doctoral student and for which I was awarded the Adolf-Schlatter-Prize of the Adolf-Schlatter Foundation.

    The theology of Jonathan Edwards
    The biography and the works of Jonathan Edwards continue to stimulate me. I am particularly interested to explore Edwards’ understanding of revelation as divine communicativeness and his profound vision of what he called “God’s excellencies.” I have written on Edwards’ legacy in terms of his vision of the church, which I consider highly important for our discussions on ecclesiology today.

    Theology and Culture
    I have a long-standing interest in public theology, and in particular in the contribution of Dutch Neo-Calvinist Abraham Kuyper. During my research fellowships at the Theologische Universiteit Kampen and at Princeton Theological Seminary (as the 2011 and 2012 visiting Puchinger scholar), I focused on Kuyper’s project of a public theology for church and culture.

    Recent Publications


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