Australian College of Theology

Master of Theology (MTh)

This course is for graduate students who have demonstrated the capacity for research at this level in their previous studies. The MTh degree requires candidates to satisfactorily complete a substantial piece of research focusing on a specialised topic within a unit field.

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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

This course is designed to enable men and women to produce significant and original research outcomes and as beginning researchers demonstrate the capacity to design, implement, gather and interpret data, and communicate the results of the research for theses undertaken in specific fields of knowledge applied to various areas of professional ministry.

Doctor of Theology (ThD)

This course is designed to equip men and women as beginning researchers in the traditional fields of theology and provide a qualification recognised by theological and Bible colleges as well as universities for those who teach in these fields.

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The course is designed to allow candidates whose academic background is in fields other than traditionally related to theology to pursue research in their primary field of research and integrate their research with knowledge from various Christian traditional theological disciplines.