Postgraduate Research

To produce the best quality work, and work which meets the expectations of your assessors, you need to know what is expected of you and have good tools to help you achieve those expectations. Here are some resources that will assist you in your studies:

This is the cover sheet which should be used with all essays submitted.

The Essay Guide describes the MST Postgraduate Institute’s expectations in regard to writing an essay, quoting and crediting other authors, presentation and word limits. There is also information on the penalties for late submission and a checklist to complete prior to submitting an essay.

Endnote is a tool for recording and tracking Bibliographic information. While you are a student of the Australian College of Theology, you are covered by a license which allows you to download the software from the ACT website at no charge.

N-Vivo is an aid for organising and analysing the resources you consult in preparing your submissions and is thoroughly recommended. You can download a trial version of N-Vivo 9 or 10 from the QSR International home page.

Download this eTheses template and information for submission.

Download these Project Proposal forms.