Meet the Principal

Welcome to MST. It’s terrific to have you here! MST exists to help God’s people grow in their knowledge of God, who has made himself known to us in his Son, and through his word, the Bible.

Of course, knowing God is more than an intellectual exercise. It certainly is that and you’ll be intellectually stretched and challenged as you study. But you cannot meet the living God and not go away unchanged, both in character and in conduct.

But you’ve come to MST to grow in your knowledge of God in order that you can make him known to others. In particular you’ll be challenged about the needs of the gospel throughout the world. MST is unashamedly committed to training men and women so they can be sent out into the worldwide harvest.

MST is committed to unity (Gal 3:28). We are united in our commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and our desire to see his name glorified amongst the nations. We are united in our submission to his inspired, authoritative Word.

MST celebrates its diversity (Rev 7:9). We have students from many different ethnic groups and many different denominations. They are preparing for many different kinds of ministry.

MST is an integrated education (Rom 12:2). We trust that all you will study at MST will transform your mind, stir your heart, and motivate your will.

MST encourages living and worshipping together (Acts 2:42-47). Chapel, fellow groups, prayer groups are all intended to make MST a community, not an institution.

MST will not always be easy. You’ve made sacrifices in coming here, and there’ll be more in the years ahead. But they’ll be word it. There is no need in the world more pressing than people hearing about the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and we want to equip you to share, by word and deed, that message with others.

I look forward to personally welcoming you to MST.

Rev Tim Meyers,